Aligning Engineering Education with Industrial Needs for Nation Development

2013 IEEE 5th International Conference on Engineering Education

Submission Guidelines: 

To submit your full paper, please visit

Author Guidelines

The Conference Proceedings will be included in the IEEE Interactive Electronic Library (IEL) as part of IEEE Xplore. All authors who have been accepted must register for the conference and attend the conference to present their paper. Authors who do not attend the conference to present their papers, or do not arrange for a co-author or knowledgeable colleague to present their paper in the absence of the primary author, will not have their paper published in the IEEE IEL and IEEE Xplore, per latest IEEE policy

Preparation of Final Manuscript                                                                           

1. Modify the final version of the manuscript according to the reviewers’ comments

REMEMBER: Final manuscripts must be in A4 size, should not exceed 6 pages in length including figures, tables and references.

2. Generate the electronic version of the final manuscript using IEEE PDF express system.

From the final manuscript formatted as instructed before, authors must generate the electronic FINAL version in PDF format. Regardless of its initial format, the file containing the final version of the paper must be transformed in the PDF format using the IEEE PDF express web tool. PDF files generated by means of other tools are not acceptable.

3. Send the electronic version of the final manuscript, complete the presenter’s biography form, and submit the copyright form through EDAS


Using IEEE PDF eXpress                                                                                     

  1. Go to the PDF eXpress web site.

  2. If you are a new user, create a new account by clicking on "New Users - Click Here" link or else enter your login and password if you already have an account (you will still need to create a new account for the conference, however most of the details can be retained).

  3. Enter “31836X” in the Conference ID field.

  4. Continue to enter information as prompted. Once finished, you will receive an email confirming the successful creation of your account.

  5. Through your PDF eXpress account, you may submit your source application files for conversion to PDF, and/or submit PDFs for checking. You will have the opportunity to revise your submission if you are not satisfied with the PDF that PDF eXpress creates for you, if you find mistakes in your manuscript, or if your PDF fails the PDF Check.

  6. After the paper has been verified (or converted to PDF), click on "Approve for collection" in PDF eXpress.

  7. Upload the final paper (which is obtained from IEEE PDF eXpress) to EDAS. Follow these steps to check whether it is the correct file to be uploaded.

    5. You need to make the payment before paper can be uploaded.

    6. Please make sure all details in EDAS especially Abstract and list of Authors are consistent with the final paper since details in EDAS will be used for conference proceedings.

    7. Finally, you MUST complete the IEEE Copyright Transfer Form (e-Copyright) through EDAS.  (Go to 'My Papers' tab in EDAS system and click the 'Copyright' column of your paper.)

  8. The deadline of final manuscripts is October 10, 2013.


IEEE Conference Paper Template (MSWord)

IEEE Conference Paper Template (LaTeX)




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